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So, anyway, I found a really good weighted grade calculator. What’s the use in a weighted grade calculator? Well, websites like this one, which, technically, is called the final grade percentage calculator, are great for students. They wouldn’t be so necessary if teachers or instructors, or professors, manage to have some kind of uniform way of saying the amount of work that each aspect of a class had. For example, I often find that every single teacher I have an innie semester, has a unique or just in the way of saying things like participation in class, the worth of homework, the amounts and total value of in class assignments, all of the minor tests and exams between your midterms and final exams, and sometimes even other elements that they decide to add to the syllabus for whatever reason, seemingly because they see your worth in it, or maybe just cuz they want to be different than all of your professors and create some kind of annoying headache for you. That might sound horrible, but I would not be surprised if their motives were that shallow sometimes. I’ve had some pretty terrible professors, although I got two good ones as well. It seems to be quite a vague mixed bag. Anyway, I think that it’s important to use websites like this as they help you understand and form a cohesive action plan to attack your workload as a student.

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