Shopping for clothes


I will shop for clothes inĀ  the weekend and I think I need to stack my closet with some serious stuff especially right now that I will start my new work soon. I will be working for an ad agency and I heard people there should really dress up and make an impression. Even if it is true or not, my own personality says I need to dress up. I know I kinda looked a little boring lately because I am always at home while waiting for a call. So my sister gave me this best wooden watches I seen ever and I think I need to buy some clothes to complement it. She gave me blue wood watch and I think I need to buy a black coat, gray coat, some boots, black perhaps, and a black trousers. I am also eyeing to buy a new leather bag to complete my first day look. And oh, maybe some lipsticks with peachy hue will not hurt my allowance.

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