Seeking Him

I am so often inspired by the beauty of the words I read online.  Women who are spend their days busy with mothering and homemaking, who also happen to be amazing writers.  I am blessed to have the pleasure of reading their words. One of those beautiful writers is Ann Voskamp of A Holy  If you have not read her blog, I can assure you it is a place that is good for the soul.  Ann has written a book called “One Thousand Gifts”.  Right now I am focused on reading the Bible in 90 days but as soon as I am finished Ann’s book is next on my list.  She has inspired a community of bloggers to be thankful in the everyday and to count their blessings one by one.

By making a list of the things we are grateful for we may watch for Him more closely and see Him more often, where he has always been.  The list, Ann says should be “not of gifts I want, but of gifts I have. The gifts that He has given.”  Often times we miss Him in the everyday, which is why I’ve decided to take this gratitude journey and start purposefully counting my blessings.  Glorifying Him is always a good thing and I know my heart could sure use that. Perhaps yours could too?


1. the sweetness of a toddler who says “bess yeww” every time I cough.

2. accountability groups and women who encourage me. (Bible in 90 days)

3. the warmth of new flannel sheets.

4. pioneer woman’s cinnamon rolls

5. a husband who will get up to fill the humidifier, come and put socks on my cold feet, check on our coughing daughter and then bring me a glass of water and some throat spray. Someone to take care of me when I am sick.

6. a baby who quietly grows inside, a new life beginning.

Ann invites us all to join her in counting the gifts from Him.  ”Care to begin a list of a Thousand Gifts? You’ll find Him in all things—the very best gift of all.”