New technology for newbie photographers

However, a lot of professional photographers, apparently, don’t enjoy the fact that everybody else is now allowed to play with cameras, because they’re in their phone, and make them look good using photo filter applications and other photo editing software that is freely available with the phone. To this, I say, that this is absolutely bogus. Seriously, it is your responsibility to stay ahead of the curve if you want to become a great photographer and remain a great photographer. You have to get ahead of the curve and stay there. You don’t get to just try to stay where you are and hold everybody else back. It won’t work. New technology will allow people to become great photographers. You have to use these things to your own Advantage as well, rather than fight against them or be consumed by them. Yes, it may seem like a tall order, to just accept this as part of reality, but that is what it is. It is part of reality. People are not going to start making less image-based content now that they carry great cameras around with them all the time people won’t get bored of this. This is something that will be sticking with Society for a long time, and not only that, but it will actually be involved in, growing, and advancing rather continuously, if you ask me. So, if we’re in a state where that is happening, where the photography science is constantly being updated with brand new discoveries and ideas, then, you must ask, are you willing to stay invested in the progress, know when to buy in and went to step aside? If you’re not, maybe being a photographer isn’t for you. Maybe, you should be like the people that you condemn come and just treat it like a hobby. Perhaps try using a photo filter. They can do a good job with your cell phone pics. Sell all of your expensive equipment while it still has value.

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