How Your Graphics Can Affect Your App Store Rankings

How Your Graphics Can Affect Your App Store Rankings

There are over a million various applications in the market, the competition is difficult. Developers have to find out a way how to make their app stand out in the crowd. The marketplace is so crowded that your ideas can become hidden and app ranking is hard than ever. New developers are instead concentrating on redesigning and working for the betterment of ideas for their app.

 What Is The Importance of Graphics?

One of the most highly effective ways to get an app is having a creative design. Most of the developers don’t focus on the creative design. The look of the app is the first thing customers notice about it. Even before they are going to download it, they see the graphics. The visual impact affects the whole customer’s experience and will determine the success of an app. The creative design also impacts app store rankings of your app.

Keep Your App Simple:-

The biggest trend in a mobile app nowadays is the simplicity. People like apps that aren’t flashy and are easy to navigate. Many apps have been incredibly successful and they all had a simple app with the best functioning. They made the app easy to use and everything just simple. This also helps in app store rankings. No one has ever said that they don’t like fun. This mean developer should include things like fun buttons, bright colors, 3D effects, cool textures, and many other options for their mobile app. Simple and fun are actually good unless developers overdo it. Many apps take ideas and design them while keeping their app fun and interesting. This will increase your download and overall app store ranking. As long as the audience is in the developer’s mind, they can go over a little bit of simplicity to make their app interesting and exciting.

Make a fluid layout:-

Most of the Smartphone’s nowadays are available with a G-sensor. The sensor detects displays the information the right way and the sensor also understands how the phone is oriented. This means that images will show up in landscape or portrait setting basically depending on how the customers are grabbing their device. It is significant to know this as you design the app.

You must add a fluid layout for the designs to appear on the mobile devices for a great app store ranking. If you are trying background images in the app, you might want to tile or stretch them. You will require creating a landscape layout or portrait layout for the app so that the app’s graphics fit every screen.


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