How to become a Better Lover?

How to become a Better Lover?

To become a better lover is not just about heart images, flowers, and chocolates. It is not just the sex drive and your ability to please your partner. It is a combination of skills and habits. We will disclose all the secrets on how to become a better lover.


The Habits

Good habits are crucial to become a good lover. You must be aware of your personal hygiene. Intimacy will uncover things that are usually unseen.

Be unselfish and make it a habit. Not just while you are in bed, but also when you are living together. Secrets are the worse idea. They can become a mental barrier that ruins your connection.


Like in all relationships, communication is important. You must know how she feels about your relationship. Be direct, but not rude as you engage in the conversation. Communicate openly about your sex preferences, just don’t do it while you are heating the moment. That can cool off any girl. Find her fantasies and look for ways to fulfill them. If you listen for real, there is nothing that will be kept hidden.

Get to know your partner. All of us have previous experience, but not everybody works the same way. Some things that worked out in the past might not be right for your current relationship. Take some time to discover how to engage your current partner on your game. Do not take things for granted and be ready to change course if needed.


Give it Time and Respect the Limits

Never rush. Women need some time to climb the hill of pleasure. Look for ways to stimulate her. An excellent detail like heart images or some flowers can do the magic. Do not restrain your compliments and sweet words. They can play wonders in your relationship!


Be Open to Resources

Do not restrain yourself to what you have done before. Be open to other resources. Sex toys are broad, and you can make your next sex session much more enjoyable.

But it doesn’t stop there. You could use other resources like relaxing oils, and even improvise with what you have at hand. For example, if you gave her some flowers, take a rose and use it to turn on her senses. If you have chocolate or whipped cream in the fridge, they can be of most use. Even ice is a resource you can exploit. Be creative and always come up with something new.


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