Storing my things


Is it possible to store my thins in a safer place other than my home? I am actually having second thoughts on availing a self storage facility and see self storage costs because I have not tried it before? I am always out of the country and I am a little worried every time I go out because of my things. Like my gadgets and my laptop. I normally do not bring my laptop with me and so I just level it inside my room. The last time I did this, my dog spilled some milk in it and so I had to have it repaired. Right now I am thinking if it is right to seek a self storage facility so I can be at ease and I have a peace in mind while traveling. Do you have any suggestions? Please I need recommendations. Thanks!

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A friend’s tale

After waiting for a couple of months in his aunt’s place, Joseph landed an agent job for 360 kamera in a mall in the city.  Admitting that work is not as easy as in the province, Joseph is still determined that giving up is not an option.

But fate seems not to go with his plans.  His contract is expiring soon and he has nowhere to turn to. Despite this, Mike does not want to fail and just go back home.


Weeks before his contract expires, he mustered the courage to talk to one of their regular customers asked if he knows someone who can give him a job.

There must have been something that he knows this man is destined to become part of the company. He may have seen his determination and willpower in work and in life.

Three weeks after his contract expires in 2014, Mike started his work with  as a civilian security guard. He then went to become a messenger which he has been doing until now.

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Shopping for clothes


I will shop for clothes in  the weekend and I think I need to stack my closet with some serious stuff especially right now that I will start my new work soon. I will be working for an ad agency and I heard people there should really dress up and make an impression. Even if it is true or not, my own personality says I need to dress up. I know I kinda looked a little boring lately because I am always at home while waiting for a call. So my sister gave me this best wooden watches I seen ever and I think I need to buy some clothes to complement it. She gave me blue wood watch and I think I need to buy a black coat, gray coat, some boots, black perhaps, and a black trousers. I am also eyeing to buy a new leather bag to complete my first day look. And oh, maybe some lipsticks with peachy hue will not hurt my allowance.

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Key to My Life

This Vitamin C serum is the key to my life right now. It IS life right now. Yes, a vitamin C serum is really something, in my opinion there’s absolutely nothing like it in the world, it is the best thing that I have ever used and it has been so good for my skin and for my confidence and I really don’t know if there’s anything that could benefit me more in terms of a product that I purchased, if you know what I mean, it is fighting the symptoms of Aging. Can you believe it? Something that actually fights the symptoms of Aging, I never thought I would see the day, I really never thought that I would. It is such an incredible thing that exists now and I don’t think that I could think of anything I can be as beneficial to people into their health and other things like that. I mean, honestly, what could be better than something that just allows me to be confident in being who I am constantly, I really don’t see any way that this could be improved upon, and this product is so good. It is a cream, it is a cream but is not oily, and it doesn’t leave any grease.


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Best Gift Ideas for Your Gal Pal



Hi girls! Are you thinking of giving gifts for your gal pals? I know it is a little confusing and hard to know what your girl friends want as birthday gifts or even presents for Christmas. Wel, I have this list of possible gift ideas for your friends so you will not ran out od it for the whole year. Be it a promotion from her work, a trip abroad, a heart break, her graduation, Christmas, and even Valentines, we got it all for ypu in this list.


  1. Bag (best if you give those big ones)
  2. Loose pants (for her frequent trus abroad)
  3. Shawl (if ever she feels cold in a xhilly weather)
  4. Wood watches by Zegarki (these are classy and unique designs)
  5. A pair of comfy walking shoes for her city tours
  6. A couple of Gift Certifixates in the soa ir salon.
  7. Make up kits! That will be absolutely awesome.
  8. Hair pins
  9. Body wash and lotions
  10. Lipsticks and hair products.


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Uncensored review of Amazon Prime Canada

Like, if you were to tell me that you thought 90% was too low, I would not really argue with you. I just think that I’m is on Prime is doing something that nobody else is doing and that always takes a lot of Courage, though they have a lot of Social and economic capital, this is still a big, risky Endeavor. Instead of just taking on one institution, in one field, they are taking on many institutions in many fields as competition. And, in my opinion, there is a good chance that Amazon Prime will end up emerging as a top-tier option in terms of streaming movies and videos, shopping online and having it delivered to your home, and even little things like cloud storage. The fact that this is all being offered by one platform is something that, as far as I know, it’s basically unprecedented. It just totally give so much power to the consumer, and allows them to add more autonomy to their life from the comfort of their own home, if they so choose, and I think that that is the kind of thing that will become extremely valuable as we move forward into future Society. Yes, what else can I say about this service, except for the fact that giving an Amazon Prime Canada review is a true pleasure, because it just allows me to learn more and more about the service that I really respect and Revere. Honestly, I don’t know what else there is to say, other than the fact that Amazon Prime is definitely on The Cutting Edge of a whole lot of different things, and I am excited to have latched on early. I mean, what else is there to say.

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Caring for cancer patients

Juju Supply designs great Gifts for Cancer Patients. These are designed by Specialists to use the materials that have healing benefits, minerals and stones that have auras that naturally provide Tranquility to people, and are also able to provide the message, and the impulse towards Tranquility through other ways. By being a philosophical and idea based gift, as well as something that has the medical physical effect of giving Tranquility through boosting in Ora in which you are engaged with energetically, we realized that we can give the thing that we want to give, we can provide the impulse and the subtle burst of Tranquility that can be somebody’s personal turning point in the moment of hopelessness. Yes, these are the types of things I’ve always wanted to give his gifts, but have never known how to say that. I’ve never known how to say that or expressed that or anything like that. I was recently in a situation where somebody in my life was very ill, and I totally tore me up inside that they are suffering so much. When it was her birthday, I just didn’t know what to do. I did not know what to do because she was clearly suffering, and I did not even know how to address it properly in a conversation, rather than even buy a gift for her. When it came time for her birthday, I was stumped. I still felt like I had never addressed her issues in conversation in a way that meant something to her, or helped her. I always felt like it was kind of stunted and awkward, and that she was left wondering what my feelings were on the subject, and that I was at fault cuz I could not clearly elaborate how I felt about these things, and that was a really bad feeling for me and I’m sure it was for her to. Juju supply had all the solutions I needed.

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New technology for newbie photographers

However, a lot of professional photographers, apparently, don’t enjoy the fact that everybody else is now allowed to play with cameras, because they’re in their phone, and make them look good using photo filter applications and other photo editing software that is freely available with the phone. To this, I say, that this is absolutely bogus. Seriously, it is your responsibility to stay ahead of the curve if you want to become a great photographer and remain a great photographer. You have to get ahead of the curve and stay there. You don’t get to just try to stay where you are and hold everybody else back. It won’t work. New technology will allow people to become great photographers. You have to use these things to your own Advantage as well, rather than fight against them or be consumed by them. Yes, it may seem like a tall order, to just accept this as part of reality, but that is what it is. It is part of reality. People are not going to start making less image-based content now that they carry great cameras around with them all the time people won’t get bored of this. This is something that will be sticking with Society for a long time, and not only that, but it will actually be involved in, growing, and advancing rather continuously, if you ask me. So, if we’re in a state where that is happening, where the photography science is constantly being updated with brand new discoveries and ideas, then, you must ask, are you willing to stay invested in the progress, know when to buy in and went to step aside? If you’re not, maybe being a photographer isn’t for you. Maybe, you should be like the people that you condemn come and just treat it like a hobby. Perhaps try using a photo filter. They can do a good job with your cell phone pics. Sell all of your expensive equipment while it still has value.

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Productive Method for Businesses

I have to say, we’ve made a little change around the workplace, and we’ve expedited certain elements business. I know maybe I’m just a nerd about this kind of thing, but efficiency absolutely excites me. Like, even though this job is not my life, I can’t help but be extremely excited about Newfound efficiencies and better ways of Performing tasks that have been performed poorly or and efficiently in the past. I guess Solutions are just what I’m looking for. I’m so interested in problems, and the solutions are so satisfying when they are just . I can’t wait until I know more about what I’m going to do with my IT outsourcing. I’m impatient for Solutions, and I know that there’s going to be a good one on one of the markets. Offshoring is a possibility, as it would be really nice to get high-profile help from some kind of foreign resource because I don’t have very much money allotted to this, and I would much rather pay for one of the best in a poor country than one of the worst here. Does that make sense? I think I can get past the communication errors and time zone differences and learn to truly enjoy the fact that getting such a good deal, and I’m sure that a lot of people end up coming up with great buns with their people that they work with over the sea. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Anyway I think that this is going to be a great way to create new efficiency in the workplace and a generally fresh atmosphere. IT Outsourcing seems to be providing all sorts of great ways to do business and I’m very grateful for it. I am pleased to be using this innovative method of productivity and recommend it to readers.

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An innovative approach for transportation

So, UNU strives to create a sort of product that allows people to connect to their city and an Innovative and healthy way. And the healthy weight goes on many accounts. Not only are people experiencing their City more fully in their ideal Vision, but they’re also doing this in a way that doesn’t cause any pollution of sound or exhaust. I’m talking of course of UNU and their great new electric scooter, and the effect that this type of product can have on a city. Right now, the scooters overcoming considerably more popular over in cities throughout Germany. I really appreciate this because I’m an environmentally conscious person who does all sorts of things to cut off on their carbon footprint, and I love riding scooters. So, I think that UNU is doing exactly what I need, and these electric scooters are really making a profound difference in the way that people get around in a way that doesn’t negatively impact their environment. So, this is all I have to say, is that I think that it is very important that companies like this keep rising up, and I think that UNU is doing the best thing that they can possibly do. They clearly prioritize Innovation, creativity, and making the world a better place, and I think that that is the best way to proceed in a world that is full of greed and people who are doing the exact opposite. So, I take my hats off to these people, and I think that they are going to be the best company in automative Germany, very soon, that is specializing in electric scooters. I hope that more companies see the success that UNU is happening with their sustainable Elektroroller business model and decide to emulate certain aspects or even copy their entire idea. That’s the beauty of capitalism.



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