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So, anyway, I found a really good weighted grade calculator. What’s the use in a weighted grade calculator? Well, websites like this one, which, technically, is called the final grade percentage calculator, are great for students. They wouldn’t be so necessary if teachers or instructors, or professors, manage to have some kind of uniform way of saying the amount of work that each aspect of a class had. For example, I often find that every single teacher I have an innie semester, has a unique or just in the way of saying things like participation in class, the worth of homework, the amounts and total value of in class assignments, all of the minor tests and exams between your midterms and final exams, and sometimes even other elements that they decide to add to the syllabus for whatever reason, seemingly because they see your worth in it, or maybe just cuz they want to be different than all of your professors and create some kind of annoying headache for you. That might sound horrible, but I would not be surprised if their motives were that shallow sometimes. I’ve had some pretty terrible professors, although I got two good ones as well. It seems to be quite a vague mixed bag. Anyway, I think that it’s important to use websites like this as they help you understand and form a cohesive action plan to attack your workload as a student.

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Share 360 degree videos with your Iphone –Insta360 nano review

This is an Insta360 nano review on how with this small gadget, you can now share 360 degree videos with your Iphone. It is impossible to believe that you can share 360 degree videos with your Iphone. Well, with an Insta360 nano, you can now share your videos. Read on to find out how it’s possible, and be on your way to purchase this one of a kind gadget.

 It’s so easy to do it with the application

The Insta360 nano device comes with a special in-built application that makes sharing videos a seamless procedure. The application has special support features that enable videos to be directly shared to major video sites. This does not mean that the Insta360 nano application is only restricted to sharing videos; still pictures can also be shared to the numerous social media sites. Images and videos can also be saved to your gallery for future use and application. Since most Iphones come with a special feature that enables you to use your videos with other applications your saved videos will come in handy one day.

The process of uploading to social media

Pictures will vary depending on which social media you choose to upload your pictures. Factors like clarity, size and how the photo is displayed really do depend on the site. It is usually advisable to upload your pictures to the Insta360 nano website where they can clearly be viewed using a special interface that works on many platforms. Once your photo or video is here, there are numerous possibilities that you can then undertake like, changing the view type or even accessing a special VR mode. Videos are much easier to save because you will not have to go through the site. Once your video is traditionally saved into the device, you can manually upload it to your preferred social media site.

What about live streaming?

The process of live streaming – of your videos- is also not too complicated. The company has its own live streaming site that you can stream your videos to, or you can opt to stream your live videos to any of the numerous video sites of your choice. You should however take note that for you to be able to live stream on most video sites; you will have to create a live streaming event which is mandatory, for these sites to be able to process your request. The good thing is that after complying with this requirement, you can share your live streaming event straight from your phone.

We hope this Insta360 nano review was insightful; take your Iphone to the next level when it comes to sharing of your videos and pictures.


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How Your Graphics Can Affect Your App Store Rankings

How Your Graphics Can Affect Your App Store Rankings

There are over a million various applications in the market, the competition is difficult. Developers have to find out a way how to make their app stand out in the crowd. The marketplace is so crowded that your ideas can become hidden and app ranking is hard than ever. New developers are instead concentrating on redesigning and working for the betterment of ideas for their app.

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