Difference between an ophthalmologist, optician and optometrist

Difference between an ophthalmologist, optician and optometrist

Before you head to a qualified Burnaby optometrist, you need to know if this is what you need. In order to have your eyes properly checked, you need to see the proper kind of eye doctor. Heading to the right eye doctor ensures that you get the right kind of care that will help you with your vision problem.

What is an ophthalmologist?

He is a doctor who is specialized in eyes and everything related to them. He is has the authority to practice medicine and surgery and there is a lot he can perform since he usually goes through an adequate amount of training, at least 8 years, after finishing college. He can diagnose all kinds of eye diseases; perform eye surgeries and fit eyeglasses. He also practices fitting contact lenses and does research concerning different eye diseases. Some ophthalmologists are specialists in a certain eye disease or vision disorder.

What is an optician?

An optician is a technician who is trained to design, fit and correct eyeglasses, frames and contact lenses. He is specialized in correcting and fitting all devices that are meant to cure vision problems and eyesight. He doesn’t write prescriptions to treat vision problems. He doesn’t perform surgeries or diagnose eye diseases.

What is an optometrist?

He is a professional who provides only the basic and primary care to address eye problems. This includes sight testing and correction in addition to diagnosis, management and treatment of vision changes. He is not a medical doctor, but he usually receives a degree from the optometry school after completing college. He is authorised to check vision, the quality of eyeglasses and contact lenses and to make adequate changes to fix any vision problem. He can also prescribe medications but will not perform surgeries.

Seek the right eye care professional at the right time:

Our vision is unlikely to stay the same as we grow old. But there are also a lot of factors that could affect the health of your eyes and hence your vision. This includes the number of hours you spend reading or staring at a computer screen, the lighting you use while studying or working and whether your body is always nourished and properly hydrated. The contents of your diet in addition to some health conditions could greatly affect your vision. That is why it is very important to head to the right professional to address your problem. Understanding your exact problem will tell you whether you should seek a professional Burnaby optometrist or you need to see someone else for your problem.


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