A friend’s tale

After waiting for a couple of months in his aunt’s place, Joseph landed an agent job for 360 kamera in a mall in the city.  Admitting that work is not as easy as in the province, Joseph is still determined that giving up is not an option.

But fate seems not to go with his plans.  His contract is expiring soon and he has nowhere to turn to. Despite this, Mike does not want to fail and just go back home.


Weeks before his contract expires, he mustered the courage to talk to one of their regular customers asked if he knows someone who can give him a job.

There must have been something that he knows this man is destined to become part of the company. He may have seen his determination and willpower in work and in life.

Three weeks after his contract expires in 2014, Mike started his work with  as a civilian security guard. He then went to become a messenger which he has been doing until now.

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