Key to My Life

This Vitamin C serum is the key to my life right now. It IS life right now. Yes, a vitamin C serum is really something, in my opinion there’s absolutely nothing like it in the world, it is the best thing that I have ever used and it has been so good for my skin and for my confidence and I really don’t know if there’s anything that could benefit me more in terms of a product that I purchased, if you know what I mean, it is fighting the symptoms of Aging. Can you believe it? Something that actually fights the symptoms of Aging, I never thought I would see the day, I really never thought that I would. It is such an incredible thing that exists now and I don’t think that I could think of anything I can be as beneficial to people into their health and other things like that. I mean, honestly, what could be better than something that just allows me to be confident in being who I am constantly, I really don’t see any way that this could be improved upon, and this product is so good. It is a cream, it is a cream but is not oily, and it doesn’t leave any grease.


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Best Gift Ideas for Your Gal Pal



Hi girls! Are you thinking of giving gifts for your gal pals? I know it is a little confusing and hard to know what your girl friends want as birthday gifts or even presents for Christmas. Wel, I have this list of possible gift ideas for your friends so you will not ran out od it for the whole year. Be it a promotion from her work, a trip abroad, a heart break, her graduation, Christmas, and even Valentines, we got it all for ypu in this list.


  1. Bag (best if you give those big ones)
  2. Loose pants (for her frequent trus abroad)
  3. Shawl (if ever she feels cold in a xhilly weather)
  4. Wood watches by Zegarki (these are classy and unique designs)
  5. A pair of comfy walking shoes for her city tours
  6. A couple of Gift Certifixates in the soa ir salon.
  7. Make up kits! That will be absolutely awesome.
  8. Hair pins
  9. Body wash and lotions
  10. Lipsticks and hair products.


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