The Short Version: I’m a twenty-something domestic engineer aka young mama to one sweet girl and 2 small dogs. Wife to one pretty awesome, often hilarious best friend of Burnaby realtor, Eddie Yan.

The Extended Version:
It’s likely that the above sentence will one day say mama to many. I started reading blogs years ago when I wanted to know more about how large families function. Even before I had the husband part taken care of I had a deep desire to parent. I knew back then that I thought about motherhood more often than your average teen / college student.

I used to worry that I’d never find my true purpose in life. The day I had my daughter my anxieties (about that) were put to rest.
I wrote a journal entry as a child about my desire to start a women’s magazine one day so that I could be “a real published writer”. When starting a blog I decided to honor my 1st love of writing and create the “magazine” where whatever I say gets published. If you’d like to know more about me after reading this page you can check out some random facts here.

That guy up there? That’s the hubs, an outstanding Port Moody realtor. Also known as D. Also known as he who is worshiped by her.

Speaking of “her”. She’s our 14 month old Independence day baby. Born 10 days early, she made her arrival on the 4th of July 2009. Around here we call her things like B, Bird and Bald Baby among other things.

This parenting thing isn’t always easy but we try to remember that life is short. None of us know how short it may be, so we do our best to keep the hard times few, the good times often and the love abundant.
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Peace, Love and Blessings